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Adam R Steigert's BIO:

Mini Biography:

He was born Adam Richard Steigert, son of Warren Richard Steigert and Jean M Sanders. Raised by grandparents William Sanders and Kathleen Sanders, where he grew up till moving out in September 2009. Steigert attended Hamburg High School, a county school district. Adam had a very hard up bringing, but landed his first job working for Arby's fast food. His interest in movies began at around the time he was three and expanded over a time frame of 16 years. He frequently visited the cinema and wrote many short stories.

In October 2007 Steigert finished his short story/ script titled GORE. He then sought out help from an old friend named Stephanie Wlosinski to proof read and edit his short script. Stephanie Wlosinski's began to throw more suggestions in at this time. This was the turning point for Steigert and Wlosinski relationship, from old friends to business partners. Over the next two years, Steigert and Wlosinski have work on three other screenplays Gore2:Legacy, Gore3:Devestion and Gore4: Fall of a Mad Man. Steigert would shoot and write, while Wlosinski would help write the films. Steigert decided at this point, after all four shorts had been written and filmed, he would see if an executive producer for Lionsgate Entertainment would be interested in the screenplay for the original film GORE.

Now the spring of 2008 Gore4: Fall of a Mad Manhad wrapped, Steigert wanted to branch out his talent. He then bough an HD camera/ new editing software and reviewed his BITES screenplay which was written years prior. Steigert spoke to Wlosinski, asking her to help rewrite and direct the film with him. Wlosinski agreed and thus BITEZ was born. BITEZ went on to win award for best make-up in show at the Harrisburg film Festival in summer of 2008.

This was now the point in Steigerts life where DefTone Pictures Studios had credit. BITEZ may have been amateur, but had won an award. He had a meeting with Wlosinski asking her to become a co-creator for the now revamped DefTone Pictures Studios. At this point Steigert was asked to be in another short film titled Its In Back directed by John Renna, which does not have a release date at this current time. Steigert watched the director John Renna work and do make-up for his Its In Back and grew to love Johns talent. When Its In back wrapped Steigert approached Renna and asked him to be the lead villain for GORE. Meanwhile no script was written or budget put together.

In November 2008, after the success of BITEZ, Steigert had enough time to think about how to redesigned the story of GORE and began to write once more.

On December 23rd 2008 Steigert finished the epic screenplay titled GORE Wlosinski then took the story for the next month (January) which would then bring the 107 pages epic to its final draft. Filming of GORE started in March 2009, premiering 10.10.2009 at the Hamburg Palace Theater.

In July 2009 Mark Mandola asks Steigert if he could revive Bitez.Stiegert agrees on one condition. That he did "NOT" want to direct or write the film. Mandola agrees and brings BITEZ Presents: The Fever to Steigert at the end of July.

Filming begins for BITEZ Presents: The Fever August 2009.

Steigert has shown a passion over time with writing and directing. He has been called a great editor, and a caring friend, official in his methods, and doesn't take "no" or "can't be done" for an answer. His passion leads his talent to new highs, scratching the surface he stands upon.