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Black Guy On A Rampage

Action  2012

What started as a normal job for a crime lord quickly became personal and escalated into one man's war of vengeance. In this prequel to the grind-house short film "Black Guy on a Rampage," our hero confronts Jackie Long, the man responsible for the death of his son. Long, a villainous tyrant celebrating his 40th birthday at a lavish party, was not prepared for this day of reckoning: the day the Black Guy arrived to enact his revenge.

A quiet Sunday night at Rightman's Bar and Restaurant when "he" walks in, a black ex-military man carrying a military issued duffel bag. He appears to be unemployed, homeless and dirty. As his origins become clearer, his anger begins to fuel when he realizes he has entered the same restaurant where one of the men responsible for the death of his son is eating.

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  • Adam R Steigert
  • Janeen Avery
   Produced By
  • Janeen Avery
  • Christopher Burns Jr.
  • Mark Mendola
  • Adam R Steigert
  • Alexander S. McBryde
  • Brendan Orrange
  • Lindsey Zasada

   Make Up
  • Phil Beith
  • Jill Jovic
   Directed by Adam R Steigert