Janeen Avery. BIO:

Janeen Avery was born and raised in a small town in Northwest Ohio by the name of Bryan.  After high school, Janeen escaped and went to school at Heidelberg College which was sadly located in another small town in Ohio

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During college, Janeen majored in communications with a leaning towards television production.  She worked as a camerman, videographer, and ran the audio/video boards for the college TV station.  She also was a DJ for the college radio station.  During the summer months, she interned at a Fox television affiliate in the nearby metropolis of Toledo, OH.  During this time she learned the joys of working at a small market TV station:  the highlights of which would have been holding a large Snoopy balloon during a parade and getting free tickets to see a WWF show featuring Hulk Hogan. 

After graduating college, Janeen moved to Buffalo, NY (that’s a long story for another place/time) and worked at various restaurant serving jobs to pay the bills.  Soon after moving to Buffalo, Janeen landed a job as a production assistant with what was then Adelphia Cable (now Time Warner).   She enjoyed her time at Adelphia:  especially working with Adelphia’s Empire Sports Network by running camera and editing Buffalo Sabres highlight film for the show Hockey Hotline.  She also worked on the Marv Levy, Ted Nolan and Thurman Thomas Show(s).  Alas, being a production assistant for a local cable company does not pay the bills very well and Janeen was forced to pursue other job opportunities.  Enter the IRS.  Being a government girl was never in her plans for life, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. 

It was a fortunate occurrence because Janeen met Adam there so now she can do something that she loves and at the same time pay the bills.  Janeen started her DefTone journey by being a “model” for the Gore credits.  After that, she was a makeup slave for the day of 300 extras on the Angola set of the Final Night and Day.  She did craft services work for that film as well.  Janeen helped write the Black Guy on a Rampage trilogy, was makeup assistant on the Black Guy shoots, and produced all three films.  Janeen also co-wrote and produced the short “Caged”.  She was a co-writer of “Ombis” and is an executive producer on that film as well as doing the craft services and helping Phill and Jill with makeup.  Janeen could not be more excited to be part of the DefTone family and looks forward to seeing where the future takes the company.

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Janeen Avery

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