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DefTone Pictures Studios
 Is always looking for talented actors, production assistants,
film makers,
producers,writers, special effects artist, editors and more! Anything that can offer the viewer a better presentation of our films.



We’re always open to looking at new talent, with preference given to residents of the WNY area, or full time students residing in the area. After contacting us, we will advise you on what we need and how to get it to us. Please email Adam R Steigert at  .


When making a movie, music is very vital for a production. DefTone Pictures Studios is always looking for new music. Normally any tracks submitted are based on exposure only, unless agreed upon in a different fashion. If interested in submitting your tracks or become a composer for our upcoming films please email Adam R Steigert at  Please note all submissions are not guaranteed to be used, but we will attempt to. After submission of the CD/tracks are accepted, a waiver will need to be signed by the songwriter/musicians sending the CD/track before the song is used.  


Production workers

Interested in helping on a project?  We’re always interested in people who are hard working and dependable, and who want to put some of their knowledge to work and like to work for free. 


General Help

Want to get in on our productions?! We are always seeking dependable people who love film and like to have a good time. No background needed but preferred. 

Writers/ Producers

We are accepting any scripts, screenplays, treatments, or proposals for written projects. Our development slate for the current year is open till August 2010 when we start production on our next feature film. Please note in certain cases bringing your script to us and having our company work with you are free services, HOWEVER you may be subject to finding your own producers for your work.

Interested in having one of our films shown! Email Janeen Avery at