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Not Human

Sci-Fi  2013

Not Human is a 1950's styled sci-fi movie set in modern times. It's the tale of an invasion of an alien virus which lands via meteorite in the small town of Metzburgh.

Metzburgh is a former industrial town whose glory days are long past but whose residents are carrying on with their daily lives: loving each other and living life as best they can. In the midst of this idealistic backdrop, enter the hideous virus Ombis, which is intent on taking over the planet Earth and changing its residents into a host for a new species.

The only thing that can stop Ombis is Nemesis, an alien from the same home planet as the virus who was sent here to contain the alien scourge. The Nemesis' disregard for the human race puts him in a position to ensure that the Ombis virus will be eradicated since he doesn't care about collateral damage and will use any means necessary to destroy his enemy.

The real story of Ombis, however, is the human struggle of the residents of Metzburgh: to fight for their village and for their very survival.
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 The Cast

  • Adam R Steigert
  • Janeen Avery
  • Terry Kimmel
  • Mark Mendola
  • Michael Sciabarrasi

   Produced By
  • Janeen Avery
  • Christopher Burns Jr.
  • Julian Dickman
  • John Fleming
  • Mark Mendola
  • Brenden Orrange
  • Norman Queeno
  • Amy Schwarzott
  • Michael Sciabarrasi
  • Adam R Steigert
  • Lindsey Zasada

   Make Up
  • Phil Beith
  • Jill Jovic
  • Sammi Shearing
  • Allison Kellerman
  • Barry Elmstrand

   Directed by Adam R Steigert