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  • Adam R Steigert
  • Janeen Avery
  • Christopher Burns Jr
  • Mark Mendola      

Produced By
  • Christopher Burns Jr.
  • Gigi Coray Jankowski
  • Jeffrey Jankowski
  • Keith Lukowski
  • Mark Mendola
  • Kristin Spencer
  • Adam R. Steigert                           

Directed by Adam R Steigert     

S.T.A.R. [Space Traveling Alien Reject]

ci-Fi  2016

Greg Loomis is a struggling, alcoholic writer who has suffered a terrible loss in his life and is looking for inspiration for his next story. During this difficult time, he encounters a strange being from out of this world. Could this possible be the basis for the perfect story which could jump start not only his career but also his life?