Deftone Pictures Studios inc

STAR The Movie Ticket

Directed by:
Adam R. Steigert

Screenplay Written by:
 Janeen Avery
 Christopher Burns Jr.
 Mark Mendola
 Adam R. Steigert
Adam R. Steigert
Chris Barbis
Aryn Fitzgerald
Lori Cholewka
Richard Satterwhite
Melyssa Jade
Patrick Mallette
Produced by:
Janeen Avery
Christopher Burns Jr.
Lynn Czekaj
Gigi Coray
Jankowski Jeffrey Jankowski Yvette L. Leli-Aragon
Keith Lukowski
Norman Queeno
Kristin Spencer
Adam R. Steigert
Michael Zsiros


Friday April 28th 2017: 7:30pm Premiere

Saturday April 29th 2017: 2:00pm Encore

Saturday April 30th 2017: 3:00pm Final Encore

Eventbrite - STAR [Space Traveling Alien Reject] World Premiere

Doors will open One hour prior to any screenings.

Q & A to follow the presentations

S.T.A.R (Space Traveling Alien Reject) revolves around the once famous, award-winning writer Greg Vincent who is now a down on his luck, struggling alcoholic. Looking for inspiration for what he hopes will be his big comeback story, Greg ventures to the small town of Metsburgh. Along with revitalizing his career, he hopes that he can sell the story to get some much needed cash to pay off his debts to crime lord Angelia Branco. Enter STAR, an on-the-run alien fleeing certain death from the hideous Meroarks on his home planet of Mars. Greg encounters this blue, oddly shaped, wise-guy alien after they find themselves hiding in the same cabin. With a deadline given by the mob and an alien race hot on STAR's trail, who will be able to save them? Will it be Alex Creed? The star of such grindhouse films as Devon Danger vs. the Atomic Space Zombies. Or maybe Marissa? A diehard fan of those very films. Could this be the basis for the perfect story which could jump start not only Greg's career but also his life?