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DefTone Pictures Studios Inc.

Effective January 1, 2016

 Dear DefTone Producers/Actors/Independent Contractors,

When you signed a Producer/Actor/Independent Contractor agreement with DefTone Pictures Studios Inc., you were provided a signed copy of such agreement. Due to many requests that we have been receiving for a copy or copies of contracts, there will now be a $10 (ten dollar) administrative fee associated with each request for a copy of previously executed contract(s) to cover Deftone Pictures Studios’ copying and mailing costs. The $10 fee covers one copy of each contract that you specifically ask for in your request. If you forget to request a copy and make a second request for a copy, that will constitute a separate request and another $10 fee is required for that second request. Please make check or money order payable to “DefTone Pictures Studios Inc” (do not send cash) and enclose the payment with your written request for the copy of the contract. Or you can make an email request to and mail the payment to the address below or pay via DefTone’s PayPal account Be sure to specify which contract(s) you are requesting a copy of as you may have more than one contract executed with DefTone. 

Thank you,
DefTone Pictures Studios Inc.

Address for mailed request(s)/payment:

DefTone Pictures Studios Inc
388 Brookwood Dr
Hamburg, NY 14075